Anti Static floors

Antistatic flooring - ESD flooring - Dissipative flooring

Dissipative tiles: safety first

Do you want to protect your valuable products or equipment against damage as a result of static electricity? Then the Ecoloc dissipative floor or ESD floor is what you are looking for. ESD means ElectroStatic Discharge.

Our Lock-Tile Constat® floor systems are excellent conductors and, thanks to our patented system possess constant surface- and conductivity resistance.

'Antistatic' floor systems, or better: dissipative floors have been used in the electronics industry, but in other sectors too, this technique is on the up and up. It is logical: who would not want their employees, products or equipment to be protected against static electricity?

Contrary to most dissipative floors, the Lock-Tile Constat® tiles are not manufactured using carbon products or migrating antistatic. Our patented technique adds (micro) steel fibres to the PVC compound material.

Do you have any questions about the advantages of Lock-Tile Constat® floor systems? Please do not hesitate to contact us.