Ergonomische vloeren

Are you looking for a suitable alternative to the classic floor finish in workshops? Or do you need comfortable tiles that drain liquids rapidly? Our Lock-Mat® floor systems provide the right solution. 

Lock-Mat Open®: a made-to-measure work floor

Lock-Mat open® tilesare best used in workshops that use liquids or where a comfortable work floor is required. Here are the most prominent advantages of Lock-Mat Open®:

  • Provides unrestricted drainage of liquids

  • Prevents breakage of falling materials

  • Hygienic and easy to clean

  • Fast and simple installation or removal (for instance for cleaning)

  • No bonding is necessary

  • Safe (anti-slip) surface

Lock-Mat Comfort®: tiles that stimulate

Lock-Mat Comfort® tileshave a patented ergonomic system, which makes them extremely suitable for workplaces that require prolonged standing. The ergonomic system stimulates circulation and reduces tiredness in the back and legs.

Moreover, Lock-Mat Comfort® tiles insulate cold floors and they prevent breakage of falling materials. As with the Lock-Mat open®system, the rapid and simple installation is an added extra.

Any questions about the Lock-Mat® tile systems? Please do not hesitate to contact us.