Sport floors

Sport with comfort

Sports activities should not take place on just any floor. Fitness training does not only include getting into shape. Your joints need consideration as well.

The Ecoloc Multi-Tiles® and Incafloor® tiles have shock absorbing attributes, which makes them perfectly suitable for fitness rooms and other sports venues. Moreover, these floors have excellent traction properties. This significantly diminishes the chance of injuries and sports activities instantly become much safer.

The impact of power plates or weights too, is absorbed by the Multi-Tiles® and Incafloor® floor system without any problems. You need not worry about cracks in the floor, should the bar-bells be too heavy. Moreover, the tiles are easy to clean so your sports rooms only need minimal maintenance.

You choose where the safe, durable floor is needed. Thanks to the simple dovetailed click system, the tiles are easily moved from one place to the other. Because no bonding is required, you can move the tiles as often as you please.

Any questions about the Ecoloc Multi-Tiles® or Incafloor® tiles? Please do not hesitate to contact us.