Garage flooring PVC flooring

The solution for your garage floor

Laying a new garage floor should be well thought through. After all, this floor will have to handle a lot: heavy equipment, oil stains, dust, etc. Classic garage floors are easily damaged because of this and cracks, dirt, grease and dust are common concerns. Not only professional garages know these problems, also private persons often wish they could give their garage floor that necessary 'facelift'.

With Multi-Tiles®Lock-Tile® en Incafloor® tiles of Ecoloc Ltd, these problems are history. These PVC floor tiles are easily installed and offer several important advantages for garages and other work areas:

  • Solid and durable

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Usually no bonding required

  • Easy to clean

  • Good antislip properties

  • Good thermal- and acoustic isolation properties


Ecoloc PVC flooring offers the ideal solution for your garage floor: in less than no time the floor will become more comfortable and stronger. Moreover, the tiles can just be laid on top of the underlying floor. Even uneven, moist or damaged concrete floors or epoxy floors are usually not a problem.

If you would like more information about the advantages of ourMulti-Tiles®, Lock-Tile® and Incafloor® tiles, please contact us. Did you know our tiles are frequently installed in garage showrooms as well?