Industrial flooring - antislip flooring - PVC floor tiles

Reliable industrial floors

An industrial floor needs to be tough and provide the necessary comfort to the people who use it on a daily basis. Ecoloc knows this all too well. Our PVC tiles meet many of the industrial requirements; the Lock-Tile® floor systems, for instance, provide strong and durable floors that are fast and easy to install. The ideal solution to repair damaged epoxy or concrete floors!

In order to meet the industry’s specific requirements even more efficiently, there are now Lock-Mat® systems available. Lock-Mat Open® tiles provide fast drainage of liquids and prevent breakage of falling materials. Moreover, these tiles are easy to clean.

The Lock-Mat Comfort® floor system guarantees the comfort of your employees: due to the patented ergonomic system, circulation is stimulated and, additionally, the tiles significantly decrease fatigue of the back and legs.

For industrial floors that need to be antistatic, there are our Lock-Tile Constat® tiles: conducting tiles that, beside this feature, offer the same advantages as our other floor systems.

If you would like to know which floor system is best suited to your company’s activities? Please contactour sales department; we would be happy to advise you.