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Showroom floor - shop floor

Durability and character

The perfect floors for offices, shops or showrooms are floors that seamlessly combine two qualities: durability and character. Our multi-functional floor systems offer this and much more.

The Decoloc® system for instance, couples an attractive slate structure with durability. It makes the floors particularly suited to commercial environments like showrooms, office or shops. After all, rooms like that need floors that are not only durable but also have the necessary character. Appearance counts as well.

Moreover, these tiles are made from 100% recycled synthetic material from our own production, where we only work exclusively with high quality compound.

Besides that, Decoloc® has the same advantages of all our other products:

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Usually no bonding is necessary

  • Strength and durability

  • Protects underlying floor

  • Requires a minimum in maintenance

Do you prefer a different surface structure? Have a look at our Incafloor® or Multi-Tiles® floor systems. Thanks to our high-quality compound, these floors are also 100% recyclable. This is your contribution to the preservation of our environment.

If you would like more information about our floor systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.