The child friendly floor

School floor

The child friendly floor

Schools have hundreds of children on their premises every day. During play, children might spill some paint or drop things on the floor. It is evident that school floors should be prepared for these incidences. Practical training rooms at universities, colleges and other educational institutions often make great demands on floors...

Ecoloc floor systems offer the solution. The tiles are easy to clean and prevent breakage of falling materials besides. In other words: the prefect floor for any educational-, recreational-, or hobby area. Moreover, thanks to the tiles’ colour range, you can create a happy, playful as well as a business-like, quiet atmosphere with your school floors.

Multi-Tiles® can be installed quickly. Thanks to the simple dovetail click system, you could even lay the floor yourself. Because the tiles can be easily removed as well, the Multi-Tiles® floor system is an excellent alternative if you are looking for temporary flooring solutions.

Depending on your requirements with regard to the use of the floor, we are also have our Incafloor®, Lock-tile® en Decoloc® systems on offer.

Are you curious to know what Ecoloc can do for your school? Please contact us; we would like to assist.