Benefits Ecoloc PVC floor tiles

Why choose Ecoloc?

Ecoloc have produced over 20 million interlocking floor tiles since 1983…our experience is second to none! Ecoloc floor tiles are precision moulded from tough, durable PVC and offer the following key benefits:

  • Rapid installation with minimal skill levels using clever interlock systems

  • Ecoloc tiles are specially compounded to withstand harsh environments including industrial and commercial applications

  • Low maintenance - tiles are hardwearing and easy to clean

  • Typically no adhesive bonding is necessary

  • Ecoloc tiles look good and create a cleaner, professional environment

  • Designated walkways and zones can be rapidly incorporated with different coloured tiles

  • Existing sub-floors are protected

  • Reduced impact damage associated with concrete and resin floors

  • Good anti fatigue and anti slip properties improve the working environment

  • Improved thermal and sound insulation

Ecoloc floor tiles can easily be removed and relocated as your needs change. Our floor systems are perfect for rapid floor renovation or new installation.

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