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Quick-fit interlocking PVC flooring

Laying a new floor? It’s usually a messy and time-consuming job but not with Ecoloc floor systems. Ecoloc interlocking floor tiles can be laid with no adhesives for rapid installation and minimal business disruption and reduced preparation work associated with traditional installation. 

Why Ecoloc?

Ecoloc pioneered interlocking PVC flooring back in 1983 and manufacture the World’s largest range of high quality tiles including the original Lock-Tile® industrial floors , Lock-Mat® industrial floors  as well as  Multi-Tiles® for garage floors , Decoloc® tiles for office floors and Incafloor® tile floors . Looking for logos? Ecoloc’s Pictotile® service allows permanent logos or safety warnings to be incorporated into floor tiles.

Benefits Ecoloc?

Ecoloc floor systems are perfect for rapid floor renovation and can usually be laid directly onto damaged concrete, epoxy and painted floors with minimal surface preparation. Our floor tiles offer great benefits!

Here you can see how our tiles are produced and installed and that forklift traffic is certainly possible!

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