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Industrial flooring - Lock-Tile

Lock-Tile®: the clever alternative

Our Lock-Tile® floor systems are flexible, interlocking PVC-tiles. Thanks to the handy click system, you can lay the tiles yourself in less than no time. Our floors are an excellent alternative to the classic industrial floor finishes. The range of tiles is perfectly suitable for warehouses, production halls, hangars, offices, shops, schools and other public buildings.

Our Lock-Tile® floor systems are available in various surface finishes and colours. There are eight available standard colours, but you can order tiles in any required RAL-colour*. The available surface finishes are:

  • Embossed 

  • Flat

  • Raised disc



In order to create attractive and safe transitions, we also have edge tiles available with slanted, upward-sloping sides.

Moreover, we offer a choice between harder (>92 Shore A) or softer tiles, in order to meet specific requirements (extreme temperatures, very intense traffic conditions). For areas exposed to extreme traffic and/or loads, we also offer our special "Heavy Duty" programme, of which our 10mm Lock-Tile® tiles have an impressive international track record!

* = please ask our sales department for conditions

Lock-tile Constat®: the dissipative work floor

Our Lock-Tile Constat® tiles are the ultimate work floor for companies or organisations where a conductive or antistatic floor is required. Apart from the standard advantages of our Lock-Tile® system, the Constat® tiles have excellent dissipative properties.

Lock-Tile Constat® is ESD safe, with constant surface- and conductivity resistance. Contrary to most 'antistatic' floors, Lock-Tile Constat® tiles are not manufactured using carbon products or migrant antistatic. Our reliable and patented technique includes adding (micro) metal fibres to the PVC compound.

Constat® tiles are available in a flat- and embossed structure and are suitable for any hard surface, even if slightly uneven.

Should you have any questions about Lock-Tile Constat®, antistatic floors or Lock-Tile® in general? Please contact us for assistance.