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Interlocking PVC tiles

Lock-Tile®: our range

Industrial flooring is a breeze with the Lock- Tile® interlocking PVC tiles. These floor systems are available in several structures and colours. There are 8 standard colours available, but you can order tiles in any required RAL-colour*. The structures available are:

  • Embossed

  • Flat

  • Raised disc

In order to create attractive and safe transitions, edging tiles with slanted, upward-sloping sides are available.





To meet your specific requirements (e.g. extreme temperatures or intensive use), you have the choice between harder (>92 Shore A) or softer (92 Shore A) models. For extremely intensively used floors, we also have a 'Heavy Duty'-programme, including our Lock-Tile tiles in a heavy duty 10mm model.




Antistatic / ESD                                  

Our Lock-Tile Constat® tiles are available in flat and embossed structures. They have excellent conductive properties and, thanks to our patented system, they also have excellent constant surface resistance and conductive resistance.


* = ask our sales department about the conditions