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Garage flooring – Multi-Tiles

Multi-Tiles®: the suitable solution for dusty and damaged floors

Have you had enough of dusty concrete floors? Or has it become impossible to face those damaged and cracked garage floors? Ecoloc Multi-Tiles® provide a good, suitable solution.

Multi-Tiles® make your garage floors or work floors so much more comfortable and cleaner. In less than no time. Moreover, the tiles can be laid loose on any hard surface. Uneven, moist or damaged concrete floors are usually not a problem.

Garage floors are not the only floors that can be improved by laying Multi-Tiles®. In less than no time hobby rooms or play rooms, cellars, attics, fitness rooms, pavilions, etc. can be transformed into colourful rooms that are easy to maintain.

A list of some of the advantages of our Multi-Tiles®:

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Strong and durable

  • Protect the underlying floor

  • Require a minimum in maintenance

  • Usually no bonding is necessary

  • Prevent breakage of falling materials

  • Good traction properties

  • Good thermal- and sound properties

  • The tiles can be removed and re-installed at any other location without any difficulty (e.g. when moving)

The result? A warmer, considerably more comfortable floor.

Would you like to find out whether our Multi-Tiles® are the right solution for your space? Do you have any questions regarding our Multi-Tiles®? Please contact us as soon as possible.