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Tile flooring – Incafloor

Robust PVC dovetailed floor tile.


These tiles are not usually bonded, but installed loose. Another ideal application for bad and moist underlying floors.

Available in 8 standard colours, 5 and 10 mm thick. Edging- and corner tiles available.

Use: fitness-rooms, workshops, schools, waiting rooms, temporary housing, shops, etc.

Because of the slightly larger size (53cm x 53cm), our Incafloor® tiles are often used for larger is the perfect tile, quickly installed on practically any solid, flat underground. Our Incafloor® tiles too, offer significant advantages:

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Strong and durable

  • Protect the underlying floor

  • Require a minimum in maintenance

  • Usually no bonding is necessary

  • Prevent breakage of falling materials

  • Good traction properties

  • Good thermal- and sound properties

  • The tiles can be removed and re-installed at any other location without any difficulty (e.g. when moving)

The result? A warmer, considerably more comfortable floor.

Would you like to find out whether our Incafloor® tiles are the right solution for your area? Do you have any questions regarding our Incafloor® tiles? Please contact us today.