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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally sustainable manufacturing!

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Ecoloc! Manufactured in-house we have strict control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality and environmentally responsible production of our tiles.

Sourcing sustainable base materials, our tiles are 100% recyclable with 100% recycled options also available! At Ecoloc we continue to look for new ways to improve the environment, from adhering to European manufacturing and ecological standards to powering our entire site with 100% electricity generated from renewable resources. No decision is too small at Ecoloc when it comes to improving the environment for years to come.

Our PVC tiles possess a range of quality accreditations and certifications, some of which include:

·      ISO9001:2015 quality standard

·      R10 Anti-Slip rating

·      ISO 14001 environmental standard

·      CE certified

·      BFI S1 Reaction to fire rating

·      Patented ESD interlocking tiles -  BS EN 61340-5 / IEC 61340 Electrostatic protection

·      REACH compliant

·      European VOC emission regulation standards

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