PVC tiles are low cost but high impact both practically and aesthetically. They rival multiple other flooring options due to their durability, adaptability and in Ecoloc case, their benefit to the environment.


All our tiles are 100% recyclable but not just when it comes to regrinding them and producing new tiles. If you are moving to a new location, you can easily lift the floor and take it with you. This saves on the cost of re-flooring every time you move.


Another incredible benefit of PVC tiles are the ease at which installation can be carried out – there is no requirement for professional installation unless it is preferred. It is a quick and simple process and even in busy industrial environments, tiles can be laid in stages and around machines which means everything can continue to run smoothly.


We provide PVC tiles of multiple thicknesses which can be loose laid with no need for adhesive. If other means of flooring, often if it is damaged the whole floor will need to be replaced. The benefit of our tiles is that if a single tile gets damaged it can simply be removed and replaced, limiting your total costs.


Our 10 year guarantee ensures that our tiles are extremely cost effective in the long run no matter the project they have been used for.

With the possibility for our tiles to be made in an ESD version also, there is no flooring project that Ecoloc can’t provide the perfect solution for.