Ecoloc 5

Ecoloc 5 PVC interlocking tile surfaces are the perfect flooring solution for garage, factory and workshop applications. If your garage or factory floor is plagued by dust and dirt due to constant use, Ecoloc 5 is the fast and effective solution for any damaged, dusty and cracked flooring. Easily lifted, Ecoloc 5 is a great temporary flooring solution for exhibitions and trade-shows which can be used repeatedly for many years.

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Ecoloc 5® flooring is the perfect solution for damaged, dusty or cracked concrete or epoxy flooring. If your garage or workshop floor has become hazardous and is plagued by dust and dirt, Ecoloc 5  is a fast and effective solution.

Ecoloc 5® can make your garage, workshop or gym flooring more comfortable and cleaner by reducing the negative effects caused by damaged sub-flooring. Ecoloc 5  are loosely laid over hard surfaces, which means that uneven, damp concrete floors are usually not a problem. Versatile and resilient, Ecoloc 5 ‘butterfly’ interlocking system is specifically designed to reduce fatigue, providing an even, anti-slip surface which is durable and also reduces the risk of injury.

Garage floors and gym floors are not the only areas that can be improved by laying Ecoloc 5 . Classrooms, playrooms, cellars, attics, and exhibition areas can be transformed into colourful and easy-to-maintain areas with the addition of Ecoloc 5 flooring.

For areas susceptible to electrostatic discharge, Ecoloc 5 is also available as part of the Constat® range. Constat® is the only EU patented ESD floor tile available on the market. Ecoloc 5  Constat® ESD flooring gives a constant surface and conductive resistance for areas used in the manufacturing of components, machinery and office servers.

Compound High Performance Polymer


Thickness / Dimensions 5mm / 500mm²


Factory, Garage, Gym, Industrial, Kitchen, Retail, School, WarehouseIndustrial Garage, Power Stations, Production Halls, Production Lines, Supermarkets, Warehouse, Weights Areas, Bars and Resturants

Colours available

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow - 100% recycled 'Eco' version available in Black or Dark Grey
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Strong and durable
  • Protects the underlying floor
  • Breathable – ideal for installation in damp areas
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • No bonding necessary*
  • Lowers risk of breakage when items are dropped
  • Excellent traction
  • Good thermal and sound insulation properties
  • The tiles can easily be removed and re-installed elsewhere (e.g. when moving)
  • Ecoloc 5 is a loose laid system, so in the event of damage or excessive wear, individual tiles can be lifted and replaced.
  • All products in the Ecoloc 5 range are guaranteed to remain free from manufacturing defects for 10 years from the date of installation.
  • Day to day cleaning uses damp mopping or rotary scrubber dryer.