Lock-Mat Comfort

Lock-Mat Comfort is the No.1 PVC interlocking floor tile for ergonomic support, making it the ideal choice for areas that require comfort underfoot for prolonged standing. Expertly designed the Lock-Mat Open 17mm thick floor tile puts comfort first, helping to stimulate circulation and reduce tiredness in the back and legs, whilst providing a safe and durable flooring system that is guaranteed for 10 years! Ideal for areas such as factory production lines, workshops, garages that require support for prolonged standing.

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Designed to the highest standards, Lock-Mat Comfort is ideal for factory production lines, workshops, garages and play areas. The tile's dimpled surface does not only provide ergonomic support but also improves heat insulation, by protecting against cold flooring beneath. Lock-Mat Comfort also reduces the chance of breakage of fallen objects whilst providing improved noise-reduction capabilities and is guaranteed for 10 years!

Utilising the unique interlock system, the tiles can be quickly and easily installed over your existing floor. With a loose lay design, Lock-Mat Comfort is the perfect PVC floor tile for installation over damp, cracked and damaged concrete and epoxy floors, with minimal subfloor preparation and downtime.

Compound Heavy Duty


Thickness / Dimensions 17mm / 500mm x 500mm


Factory, Garage, Gym, Industrial, Kitchen, Retail, School, WarehouseIndustrial Garage, Power Stations, Production Halls, Production Lines, Supermarkets, Warehouse, Weights Areas, Bars and Resturants


Black/ Dark or Light Grey, Yellow Lock-Mat Open 100% Recycled ECO Edition Available In Black And Grey
  • Ergonomic design supports legs and back
  • Interlocking PVC tile
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-slip
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sound absorbing
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Resists punctures & abrasions
  • Reaction to fire performance- BFL-S1
  • At low temperatures, it is recommended to let the tiles acclimatise for a minimum of 12 hours before installation works. Installation is best carried out at temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees.
  • Lock-Mat is a loose laid system, so in the event of damage or excessive wear, individual tiles can be lifted and replaced.
  • All products in the Lock-Mat Floor range have a 10-year wearability guarantee.
  • Day to day cleaning uses damp mopping or rotary scrubber dryer.
  • The Lock-Mat floor system can be placed on any solid, flat surface and does not require glue.*